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-    Established under the decision No. 336/TCCB on February 23, 1999 of the Minister of Education and Training.

-    Operating certificate of Science and Technology by the Minister of Science and Technology No. 103 dated 15.06.1993 and No. 1389 dated 17. 09.2015 of the Minister of Science and Technology.

-    Leadership Center through periods: Prof.Dr. Le Van Hoang from 1993 to 2010 and Dr.Nguyen Lan from 2010 to now.

2. The fields of activity

- Scientific research and technology transfer in the fields of construction, engineering, energy, chemical technology and environmental engineering.

- Manufacturing and trading of products is the result of scientific research and technological development

- Investment consultancy, investment project planning, survey, design, planning, technical design, shop drawing design, estimate; Consultant selection of contractors, verification, supervision of construction and installation of equipment; Project management consultancy, materials testing, and structural test; Quality inspection, monitoring and assessment of the quality of construction, infrastructure, energy, industrial engineering, chemical technology and environment; Check product quality certification of goods.

- Training of professional training in supervision of construction, management of construction investment projects, valuation construction, management and operation of condominiums, management specialized laboratory, tester in construction, training on occupational safety and health, information technology applications in the building; Training and dissemination of new legislation in the field of construction.

3. SOME Research topics and a number of consulting projects implementation

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LASXD 1126

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LAS-XD 1126
Mr Lan
Tel: 0983 735 935

Mr Thôi
Tel: 0905 04 0905
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Ms Thơ
Tel: 0979177281

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